YouTube Has a Vile Monkey Torture Community That Needs Nuking

As the world’s biggest video-hosting platform, YouTube has to pick up the pace in clearing out the trash. | Source:

  • For years YouTube has hosted a bizarre and vile monkey torture channel.
  • Using the handle “killbabymonkeys,” the channel creates playlists of videos with injured, abused, or dying monkeys in them.
  • The channel’s subscribers have left horrifying comments on the videos

YouTube has irked many creators that think the platform is too heavy-handed with censorship. But it hasn’t bothered to censor a monkey torture community that’s been active for at least three years.

(Warning: the YouTube content at the link is disturbing.)

The name of the channel is “killbabymonkeys.” It doesn’t have any video uploads, but it creates playlists of other videos featuring injured, abused, or dying monkeys.

Why Is This Violent Monkey Hate Group On YouTube?

The channel’s creator obviously spent a lot of time gathering this material from far and wide on YouTube. The playlists have shocking and abusive titles like:


dead monkeys
Wounded monkeys
Rotten little vermin make you wanna kick them
Don’t you wish you could step on it?

On many of the videos, the channel’s subscribers have left comments encouraging violence against monkeys. Many of the videos are on non-English-speaking users’ channels. So they may not realize what the monkey cruelty group’s English language comments are saying.

Some of the comments suggest violence against monkeys with deadly weapons:

Things you see when you don’t have your gun with you

God what I could do with a baseball bat here

One user wrote he wants to kick the monkey in a video:

God I could kick that rotten little creature


Others are just hateful:

There’s nothing as ugly and useless as a baby monkey.

What is this monkey torture community doing on YouTube?

Social Media and Animal Cruelty

Social media communities have generated a lot of controversy in recent years over creators mistreating their pets on video. A popular Twitch streamer has fed vodka to her cats and thrown them while streaming. Last year a YouTube creator was investigated by the LA police department for animal cruelty after pranking her dog for a video.

These cases are controversial, but difficult to clearly define as animal cruelty. But there’s no gray area with this monkey cruelty community. They’re blatantly glorifying extreme animal cruelty for sport. It’s impossible to tell if the community is trolling or serious, but either way they are psychopaths. And what they’re doing could lead to real world harm to monkeys or other animals if left unchecked by the YouTube.

It doesn’t stop at monkeys either. YouTube has a number of videos (disturbing video at the link) depicting rats and mice dying in mouse traps. These aren’t legitimate videos helping people with pest control. They’re just gratuitous footage of animals slowly dying. They have sadistic descriptions like:

I have compiled this video for your satisfaction.


And some of the commenters say they are laughing at the animals. It’s hard to believe videos like this, and the violent monkey hate channel have been on YouTube for years, when educators, journalists, and activists are getting demonetized and censored.

This article was edited by Samburaj Das.

Last modified: February 29, 2020 1:34 PM UTC


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