Tesla Supercharger Stops Are About to Get a Whole Lot Less Tedious

  • Elon Musk announces that Stardew Valley is heading to Tesla cars.
  • Game will feature as part of the holiday software update.
  • The farming-sim joins a growing library of great games.

In a tweet authored today, Tesla head Elon Musk revealed that whimsical farming sim Stardew Valley features as part of the Tesla holiday software update.

Source: Twitter

You’ll Soon Be Able to Play Stardew Valley in a Tesla

Whether you want to will away the time at a supercharger station or need to kill some time waiting to pick up a tardy family member, Stardew Valley is ideally suited to bite-sized gaming sessions.

The charming sim’s main loop works on a day cycle that lasts no more than 20 minutes. You could pack in some farming, talk to the town’s colorful cast of inhabitants, sit by one of Stardew Valley’s many waterways and try your hand at a spot of fishing, or even dive into the game’s monster-ridden mines hunting for treasures.

While many games will be a stopgap to fill the time, Stardew Valley is one you’ll actively look to play. Its addictive and so easy to lose yourself in its peaceful world of rural delights.

Source: Concerned Ape

We don’t yet know if the Tesla version will feature the massive 1.4 content update that dropped last month for PC and more recently on console.

A Slowly Growing Library of Great Games

Stardew Valley joins a swelling library of on-dash games that include the challenging rubber hose throwback run and gunner Cuphead, which has been part of Tesla’s on-board operating system since September 2019.

The purposefully vague holiday software update doesn’t have a firm release date, so keeping with the festive nomenclature, anytime in the next two weeks seems likely.

Elon Musk also announced that a game dubbed Lost Backgammon joins Stardew Valley in the update. Going by the name, expect a modern twist on the millennia-old board game. Tesla is bundling in a full self-driving sneak peek into the update as well, but Musk stopped short of detailing what form it would take.

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