Cryptocurrency Exchange Review Cryptocurrency Exchange is a Cyprus-based crypto-asset trading platform launched in 2018. The exchange was once named the “best cryptocurrency exchange platform launched in 2018” at Blockchain Life 2019 Asia.

With several major asset pair markets, the exchange does noticeably properly for itself as it is ranked highly amongst the top-rated exchanges with a good 24hours trading turnover.

The important asset accessible for trading on Smartgoldenfx exchange appear to be Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Moreover, it has a well respectable arsenal of stablecoins to alternate on its platform as well. These consist of Tether, Paxos, and more.

Smartgoldenfx is aiming to presenting platform fiat-to-crypto buying and selling alongside crypto-to-crypto trading, and with that improvement into use, deposits can additionally be made through Visa/Mastercard alternatively than simply bank wire transfer.

The platform does now not presently accepts FIAT deposits however with the new improvement coming as mentioned in their newsletter, it will enable FIAT of solely USD and EUR once the upgrade is done, however with proper focus to the Asian market in the future, they are working so hard to get into the Chinese economy and also make FIAT deposit available through the Chinese native currency.

Smartgoldenfx website supports numerous languages, and claims to provide 24/7 guide in some of these languages. Despite this, however, suggestions and feedback has been received regarding the quality of the support given. A quick look at Smartgoldenfx website displays quality use of English throughout the majority of the website. 

Smartgoldenfx additionally looks to be good with public opinion – mainly on famous social media web sites like Twitter and Reddit. There are a lot of users talking about the quality of their services like in deposit, customer service and withdrawal.

This positive public opinion is however appreciated by Smartgoldenfx themselves. As a platform wishing to distinguish itself from others, Smartgoldenfx has strived to provide the best of quality services to clients.

Smartgoldenfx Exchange Review, Trading Fees, Deposit and Markets

  • 24h Trading Volume
    55,873.871 BTC
  • Smartgoldenfx Total Trading Pairs
  • Smartgoldenfx Margin Trading
  • Smartgoldenfx Deposit Fees
  • Smartgoldenfx Trading Fees
  • Smartgoldenfx Fiat Deposit
  • Accepted Payment Methods
    Crypto to Crypto, Crypto to FIAT

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  1. I admire the user-friendly with a little bit of tech trading interface, which provides all the tools required for trading purposes.

  2. Today you will see lots of new exchange have risen with no demand and with no guarantee, but Smartgoldenfx is not added in their list. It comes up with a team that looks after their customers and keep them updated regularly. There are lots of reasons that Smartgoldenfx has won the trust of the people.

  3. Have not experienced any glitch in their payment method because Smartgoldenfx provides a secured method of payment and they have the fastest and most swift withdrawal ever

  4. They provide a great platform with zero commission. Provide all the latest updates and give all the answers to clients on social networks, as well.

  5. Smartgoldenfx is an excellent platform for trading purpose. They are very fast and professional in providing support..

  6. I have earned over $50000 while trading in Crypto. This success is a mixture of my learning in Crypto Trading and the platform which is given to me by Smartgoldenfx. I am delighted with it, thanks for being a partner in my success.

  7. I enjoy trading with Smartgoldenfx because it is swift, and I have never faced any delays in withdrawals or any withdrawal glitch.

  8. Smartgoldenfx has the fastest support system in handling technical issues and the fastest customer response time ever

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