Get Hyped With These Excellent PlayStation 5 Concept Designs

Ahead of an official PlayStation 5 reveal, enterprising designers have let their imaginations run wild, conjuring stellar concept designs. | Credit: charnsitr/

  • Countless PlayStation 5 concept designs have surfaced online.
  • It’s hard to gauge how far off the mark they are ahead of an official reveal from Sony.
  • Here is a selection of some of the best designs out there.

In anticipation of Sony finally spilling the beans on the final retail design for the upcoming PlayStation 5, enterprising designers have let their imaginations run wild, conjuring all manner of mock concept designs.

While it’s hard to say how far off the mark they are ahead of an official reveal from Sony, these fan designs are nothing short of stellar in most cases.

In honor of this industrious lot and to will away the time before the PlayStation 5 is revealed to the world, here are a handful of PlayStation 5 concept designs.

Inspired by the PlayStation 5 Dev Kit

First up, we have a concept from YouTuber Bxdyguard that draws heavy inspiration from the PlayStation 5 dev kit. There’s also a pretty sleek trailer to go along with it.

The design features a digital screen on the front of the console displaying information such as the time, download progress, and controller charge time. There’s also an SSD slot on the front shaped like the Sony cartridge patent that made the rounds late last year.

Just Like The Xbox Series X Design

Next up, we have a PlayStation 5 concept made by YouTube channel Running with the idea of using the cooling system from the 2013 Apple Mac Pro, this one resembles the official Xbox Series X design.

The same website also created this PS5 concept well over a year ago with a more traditional black box design.

Identical To The Latest PS5 Design Leak

This one from Computer Bild is interesting in that it uses the latest ‘leaked’ PS5 design to do the rounds. Reminiscent of PlayStation 4, it sees two parallelograms slapped together for something that may not be that far off the final design.


Source: David Hansson

We also have this one from concept designer David Hansson. Unabashedly futuristic, this one envisions a next-generation PlayStation 5 defined by audacious, if a little garish, design choices.

Slim PlayStation 5

Finally, we have a design created by YouTube channel ConceptsiPhone. Not as adventurous as some of the others, this one appears to go for a PlayStation 5 concept that’s inspired by Sony’s past consoles with a little artistic license thrown in. The design has a wide footprint to cater for a slim profile. The controller is of questionable taste, but let’s look past that.

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Last modified: January 22, 2020 11:38 PM UTC

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